AfD is not an option

No more waiting around and drinking tea

As an agency, we have made a simple and clear fundamental decision: We will never work for the AfD or with its associated organisations and companies.

Because everything that the AfD stands for contradicts our values of curiosity, courage & public spirit as well as the purpose of our agency: “We take people on a ride to inspire and unite”. As founders and managing directors of DIE KAVALLERIE GmbH, we see the AfD as a threat to democracy and diversity in Germany. We are therefore happy to be part of the GWA campaign #Miteinander für Demokratie (Together for Democracy) and support projects and campaigns that promote democracy pro bono.

At the same time, as an agency for technology and society, we feel the urge to clearly state our relationship with the AfD. Because we believe that now is the time to stop waiting around and drinking tea – especially in times of upcoming elections such as the European elections or the local elections in Baden-Württemberg. On the one hand, we want to influence people around the agency and encourage them to stand up for democracy and diversity. On the other hand, we would like to encourage AfD sympathisers to reconsider their own relationship with a party that is classified by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as an “assured right-wing extremist movement”.

That is why we, the founders Bjørn Franke and Mark Pelzer, have launched the agency’s own AfD-is-not-an-option campaign and offered our employees the opportunity to personally endorse this statement if they so wish.

Here you can find the previous statements, which will be updated weekly on our Instagram and LinkedIn channels.

Our option: Support

And because the AfD is not an option, we offer companies, organisations and individuals the option of supporting them in their commitment to democracy and diversity. This can be the design and printing of flyers and posters for the next demonstration, the creation of landing pages for campaigns or other services that we as a communications agency can provide for you quickly and smoothly. Simply contact us using this form.

Yes, we need support and call DIE KAVALLERIE for the following measure(s) for democracy and diversity.