Educational domino


There are many ways to graduate from school. These paths do not always have to be straightforward. Our education system offers infinite opportunities to take the next step again and again. For example, a school-leaving certificate does not necessarily mean the end of an educational career – it can always be the start of the next level. The range of possible educational paths is just as confusing as the range of educational opportunities on offer. Even professionals find it difficult to give a full picture of the options available to every young person in counselling.

The districts of Böblingen and Reutlingen are now meeting this great complexity with the education domino. Together with the education commissioners of the districts, we have developed a system that makes it very easy to design the individual’s educational pathway. The game shows simply what the next steps are possible and how the whole path to the end of your dream can be designed. The result is a card-playing game that can change lives.

From the placement logic and the card design to the game instructions, overview posters, and packaging: We are delighted that DIE KAVALLERIE has been able to help shape educational paths.

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