Animated film for the Turkish Community in Baden-Württemberg e. V


Seif fled the war in his home country of Syria. Based on his book “Aus Syrien geflüchtet” (“Fled from Syria”) and in cooperation with the Turkish Community in Baden-Württemberg, he wanted to make the topic of “flight and displacement” more tangible in schools. But how do you make such impressive stories accessible, particularly for young people and children?

In order to bring the most important contents of the book into a format suitable for schools, we created an animated film that provides the necessary depth through touching images and emotional sound design, while still dealing with the topic through disturbing images.

Dealing with flight and displacement in the classroom in such a way that participants are not only informed but also encouraged to reflect, requires time and a coherent concept.

Based on the book and the film, we have developed teaching materials on this topic for schools (upper secondary level) and other educational institutions. These provide an intensive insight into the various aspects of the complexities of “flight and expulsion”, using variable teaching units and with the help of different mechanisms.

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