The motto for Bucharest: Having fun is our best kept tradition.

We took a ride… from 25 May to 27 May it was that time again: the CommUnity International Forum – this time in Bucharest.

In a nutshell: The 3-day event brings together over 100 experts from 30 member agencies in 40 locations.

Once again, this year, the focus was on the productive and insightful exchange of knowledge between the agencies, for example for the development and presentation of customer briefings in working groups – for us, a source of inspiration, innovation, and ideas for the coming year.

At least as important, however, are the evenings together, where you get the opportunity to socialize with all the incredible people from the different agencies. This year’s host, KUBIS, really delivered: from the impressive agency tour to dinner and drinks together in Bucharest’s beautiful old town – the motto says it all.