RIDE#11: The Big Five of Generative AI

The Big Five of Generative AI for Marketing and Communication in Practice

Finally, it’s that time again: Here comes the next Ride! Together with you, we are embarking on a safari through the world of generative AI tools. Specifically, we’re focusing on the applications we, as an agency, use in our work.

In short, practical sessions, we demonstrate how to effectively use generative AI technologies for marketing and communication – or identify where they still fall short. Michael Friz, our Head of Photography, Motion, and 3D Unit, will dedicate 90 minutes to exploring the Big Five AI tools. We use these tools for research, text creation, as well as video and sound production. Specifically, these are:

• ChatGPT
• Perplexity
• Midjourney
• Udio
• Elevenlabs

Of course, we will also veer off topic occasionally – because we are human, after all – to introduce and compare other tools.

Join us and secure your spot to learn the professional use of AI.
We look forward to seeing you – either live at our event location “Kreuzberg” or online via Teams session.

Michael Friz, Head of Fotografie/Motion/3D DIE KAVALLERIE

As Head of Photography, Motion, and 3D, he is the creative mind behind the camera and a virtuoso in his field, driving customer projects, AI, and compositions forward. And amidst (portrait) photography, music, and film, he never ceases to be amazed by his team’s capabilities. He started out as a copywriter – and only ended up in photography and film via detours – and stayed there. That’s a good thing. And his biggest inspiration? His family.



Infos and Schedule:
Date & Time: Thursday, 11.07.2024, 5pm
Location: DIE KAVALLERIE, Rosentalstraße 8-1, Tübingen in Studio Kreuzberg

Arrival: 5pm
Input: 5:15pm – 6:45pm

Afterwards, network and ask questions over finger food and drinks in Studio Kreuzberg.