Dr. NOPE wins the German Prize for Online Communication

From shortlist to award winner: We won the German Prize for Online Communication with our Dr. NOPE campaign – in the “Internal & Change Communications” category.

The DPOK is probably the most prestigious digital award in the German-speaking world: Dr. NOPE was nominated in the three categories “Strategy of the Year”, “Health and Social Affairs” and “Internal & Change Communication” and was able to prevail against strong competition in the last category. The award emphasizes the successful implementation of our campaign and the great importance of information security in the medical sector.

With its likable protagonist who has fallen out of time, the Dr. NOPE campaign relies on the charm of times gone by to convey the topic of information security unusually and memorably. With a retro look and a friendly approach, Dr. NOPE gives the topic a face that employees will remember. The campaign is characterized by clear rules in the form of seven simple “don’ts” that can be implemented immediately, are accessible to all age groups, and understandably convey the topic.

On 30 June, the award was presented at the big awards ceremony with an after-show party in Berlin. What a well-deserved prize for Dr. NOPE! Yeehaw!