Young talent
for the police

Employer branding for the police: A new level of approachability

We are creating the new recruitment campaign for the Baden-Württemberg police: “DU VERDIENST EIN WIR”. This addresses young people at eye level by letting police officers talk about their profession. It uses a close-up documentary style.

The new campaign was presented on April 3 at a big launch event at the police training centre in Herrenberg. Guests included Interior Minister Thomas Strobel and State Police President Dr. Stefanie Hinz.

“The police profession is extremely diverse and varied and has so much to offer. With the new recruitment campaign, we are showing how attractive the profession is from the perspective of young police officers. […]” says Hinz.

The campaign centres on six young police officers from different departments and hierarchies throughout Baden-Württemberg – and their very individual careers in the police force. In three episodes each of a mini-documentary format, the testimonials talk about their motivations, but also about real doubts and challenges on their way into the profession – from the initial idea to the application and training period to the present day.

The visual language of the campaign motifs focuses on approachability – avoiding exaggerated artificial heroisation – and instead includes private footage of the protagonists in the video clips.

With “DU VERDIENST EIN WIR”, the campaign places the individual at the centre of attention, a person who works together in the police team as well as for the greater “we” of our society.

The centrepiece of the advertising campaign is the newly designed and accessible website. As the digital home of the campaign, it continues the candidate journey in the best possible way: all content is presented in a clear and comprehensible mobile-first format and the online application portal shows direct ways to apply. The campaign relies on target group-orientated, digital information on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Interest is also aroused in traditional print and OOH media.